Far Infrared Sauna

At Natural Quantum Wellness, we use a Far Infrared Sauna along with our synergistic approach to Wellness.

Far Infrared Sauna

It is included in your suggested wellness program when deemed beneficial to you based on your health issues or wellness goals or as recommended by your medical doctor.

The core temperature of the Far Infrared heats up to 143 degrees in just 5 minutes and up to 170 degrees in 10 minutes. Because the infrared sauna we use is an FDA cleared medical device, Oncologists and M.D.’s are referring it in the treatment plans for their cancer and respiratory patients.

What is Far-infrared light energy?

Far infrared is a form of light energy that is emitted from both the Sun and all living creatures. It is used in baby incubators in hospitals, it is used by farmers for hatching chicken eggs and it is the energy that turtle eggs absorb from the sun while in the sand on the beach.

What are the benefits of far-infrared?

Far-infrared Saunas’ benefits go far beyond heat. Heating is good for the body especially in ridding infection. The benefits of using a sauna are well known, but by using a far-infrared sauna, you get even more added benefits to support you with your Wellness goals. Far-infrared Saunas’ work by emitting a certain wavelength of energy, the water and organic cells of the body resonate or vibrate with that energy. The pulsating of water molecules causes an increase in core temperatures which mobilizes the lymphatic system.

The FIR heat is evenly distributed throughout the reflective surfaces of the sauna so your entire body benefits from the FIR heat. The pores in the skin open and help to sweat out waste from the body. Natural Quantum Wellness’ far-infrared sauna features a self-cleaning mode, which is engaged after every appointment.

These are just some of the many benefits why we use this important therapy in our Wellness program customized for you.

An added benefit is that you can also own your own personal Far-infrared sauna if you choose to continue your wellness program at home wherever you live and then you will be given a simple training on how to use it at home.

Benefits of the FDA cleared Relax Far-Infrared Sauna

Provides Better Sleep
Increases Muscle Relaxation, Pain Relief, and Speeds Injury Recovery and Longtime Healing
Boosts Metabolism and Burns calories and fat
Detoxifies release of heavy metals stored in the body’s fat cells
Increases better Energy production by cells (ATP)
Increases Collagen and Elastin production by the skin
Increases Circulation and Blood flow
Deeply Relaxing while laying down

Felt so much better

“I brought my fiancee in to see Lori for severe pain and he said after only one session he felt so much better after months of pain.”

Mary Owren, Arlington, TX, Business Owner

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