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The Wellness Pro Plus really helped my knee pain.

“I was treated by Lori with reflexology and the Wellness Pro Plus she has in her practice. The Wellness Pro Plus really helped my knee pain. I was able to play 3 hours of pickleball the next day without any pain in my surgically repaired knee. The reflexology treatment also gave me added energy throughout the day and I felt it elevated my mood immediately after and lasted all day. I definitely would recommend it!”

Joe S, Granbury, TX

JLS Designs Owner


“My pain for weeks is virtually gone with doing reflexology and the wellness pro with Lori after only one session, Amazing!!”

Diana Dowden, Fort Worth, TX

Aesthetician Owner

Helped my health conditions tremendously

“I have been seeing Lori regularly and it has helped my health conditions tremendously. I recently tried her John of God crystal bed and I literally felt my spine realigning!”

Stacey Venable, Godley, TX

Bus Driver

I am having such great results

“I saw Lori 3 times and each time I noticed with the reflexology and Wellness Pro that my hearing has got so much better and I have hearing loss and I am deaf in one of my ears. I now have had to take off my hearing aid in one ear and continually turn them down because I am having such great results and can hear normal noises again. I could even hear the airplane overhead and the people talking outside Lori’s office which I could never do that before.”

Beverly Hodge, Granbury, TX

Granbury Massage Center Owner

I felt amazing afterward!

“I went to Lori Smiskol for a reflexology health analysis today. It was very informative and I felt amazing afterward! I learned a lot of good information on body systems I need to support! I highly recommend her for those who want to use preventative measures to protect their health! She has a lot of other options available as well to analyze your deficiencies you need to take care of.”

Carla McCain, Weatherford, TX

Lemongrass Distributor

Felt so much better

“I brought my fiancee in to see Lori for severe pain and he said after only one session he felt so much better after months of pain.”

Mary Owren, Arlington, TX

Business Owner

She really knows her stuff!

“Lori treated me with reflexology for trouble sleeping and fatigue. She was very professional and really knows her stuff! I live in Dallas, but it was worth the trip. I feel so much better in many ways, sleeping better, better digestion, and more energy! She has a new technology called ‘Wellness Pro Plus’ which I’ll try next time for chronic back pain that I have heard many others have had great results!”

Steve M, Dallas, TX

IT professional

Healing 50% faster with the Wellness Pro Plus

“I bought a Wellness Pro Plus from Lori after I saw how well all of my Chiropractic patients were doing with it after she first treated several of my chronic pain patients. They are healing 50% faster with the Wellness Pro Plus and our Chiropractic help. I also see Lori and have referred several patients to her for reflexology. I feel extremely relaxed and less stressed after I come to see Lori and my referred patients have loved her work too!”

Dr Stacy Harris, Fort Worth, TX

Chiropractor at The Wellness Center

I love the Wellness Pro

“Doctor told me I was bone on bone in the knees and that I would need knee and hip replacement. After just one session with Lori, I already have no pain in my knees! And one half of my pain in my hip was gone. Now I have had 3 sessions, still have no pain in my knees, and now no pain in my hips. I love the Wellness Pro and now treat myself with my own at home!”

Jerry Shafer,  Lipan, TX


Great results every time!

“I see Lori regularly with my whole family and we’ve had great results every time!”

Michelle Browning, Granbury, TX

Wellness Pro Distributor and stay-at-home mom

I am excited about my wellness results

I have been seeing Lori for many years now and have had excellent results with helping reduce and eliminating my neck and back pain, I recently worked on repairing a retina tear and just had an appt with my Eye Doctor and have healthy eyes with no cataracts forming after 3 months of seeing Lori 2-3 times a week. I am excited about my wellness results with Lori and I see her regularly to maintain my health and relax with her.”

Carrie Bellamy, Granbury, TX

Edward Jones Advisor

Maximum results

“Lori is a caring professional who takes a whole body and total health approach with her clients,  for maximum results.”

Karen Roberts,  Granbury, TX


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